King David Lane

I'm a stand-up comedian & improv actor. I performed with Disposable Theatre &  Disposable Theatre's Same Difference in the past and in September 2021 those teams spun off on our own as Well Suited Theater. Disposable Theatre's Same Difference Team won the 2017 Comedy Criminals Improv competition along with the Judges' Choice award. I produce the weekly Wednesday Miller Beach Comedy Open mic at 8 pm Central time at Miller Beach Performance Theater 500 S Lake St in the Miller Beach area of Gary, Indiana & co-own the theater as well. I perform solo throughout Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland, and the Midwest as a stand up comedian as well as performing improv with my team Well Suited Theater. I host the podcast Wrestling With Problems. I'm a rugby player for the Northwest Indiana Reapers Rugby Football Club (Lock, Flanker, 8 Man, Wing & Jumper) & a Prop for The Reapers 7s sides.

​Stand-up comedy in Gary, Indiana.​ Stand-up comedy in Lake Station, Indiana.       Stand-up comedy in Northwest Indiana. Stand-Up comedy in Lake County, Indiana. Stand-comedy in Porter County, Indiana. Stand-Up comedy in La Porte, Indiana. Stand-Up comedy in Michigan City, Indiana. Stand-Up comedy in the Region. Stand-up comedy in the Calumet Region. ​

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King David Lane Stand-up Comedian.

King David Lane

Stand Up Comedian, Improv Actor, Radio Host 
HOMETOWN: Lake Station, Indiana